Consider It Done Organizing

What to Expect

Complimentary Consultation

The first step in bringing harmony to your space with Consider It Done is holding a complimentary phone consultation. This is where we will learn about your space, your needs, your goals and time constraints.

Space Walk Through

After our consultation, we will evaluate your space to analyze the underlying cause of disorganization in order to give options and advice. We tailor each plan to fit your unique space and schedule by learning about your daily needs, so we can optimize the functionality of your space.



After analyzing your space, we will create a plan for you based on your needs, budget and that of your space. We work with a variety of budgets and depending on which services best suit you, we will either prepare the plan for you to complete on your own or work with you, providing a deluxe organization, to bring harmony to your space.


We will show you how to sort and minimize; what to keep, what to recycle, what to purge. We will develop systems and methods to help you stay organized. An organized environment allows for
– clarity of mind
– smoother functioning
– increased creativity and productivity
– a more peaceful, harmonious environment
– enhanced quality of life


This step depends solely on each space, as we work to restore order. We encourage our customers to be involved in the process as much as possible, to ensure that the functionality of your space matches your needs.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to get started getting organized!

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