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Consider It Done is passionate about helping you lead a more productive and fulfilling life by bringing order and organization to your surroundings. With over 30 years in business, we specialize in creating comfortable, functional environments. We offer expert knowledge and strive to provide superb service that will ensure your satisfaction as well as the improvement of your space.


Whether you need help reorganizing one trouble area or are looking for a solution for your entire home, we are here to help. Serving the Tri-Cities, Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, WA, and nearby areas.

Our Services



Design / Redesign

Moving & Downsizing

We Offer Professional Organizational Assistance with:

Residential Organization

Home Office

Home Sale Preparation

Home Unpacking

Project Planning

Space Planning and Furniture Arrangement

Hanging Pictures and Artwork

Closets/Storage Areas

Needs Assessment Consulting

We enjoy work with a variety of individuals including busy professionals, retirees, the elderly, people with physical disabilities and individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Our clients are often creative and accomplished professionally, but overwhelmed in their homes. We help them take skills they already have, and apply them in their home environment. The process is collaborative, and we often set up simple systems that allow for smoother function of activities.


If you want a physical environment that supports you, and would like to work with us, give us a call at Consider It Done to schedule an appointment. It would be a pleasure to help you implement the changes you want in your home and to bring you greater ease. Let us help you bring harmony to your space.

What to Expect

Complimentary Consultation

The first step in bringing harmony to your space with Consider It Done is holding a complimentary phone consultation. This is where we will learn about your space, your needs, your goals and time constraints.

Space Walk Through

After our consultation, we will evaluate your space to analyze the underlying cause of disorganization in order to give options and advice. We tailor each plan to fit your unique space and schedule by learning about your daily needs, so we can optimize the functionality of your space.


After analyzing your space, we will create a plan for you based on your needs, budget and that of your space. We work with a variety of budgets and depending on which services best suit you, we will either prepare the plan for you to complete on your own or work with you, providing deluxe organization, to bring harmony to your space.


We will show you how to sort and minimize; what to keep, what to recycle, and what to purge. We will develop systems and methods to help you stay organized. An organized environment allows for:
– clarity of mind
– smoother functioning
– increased creativity and productivity
– a more peaceful, harmonious environment
– enhanced quality of life


This step depends solely on each space, as we work to restore order. We encourage our customers to be involved in the process as much as possible, to ensure that the functionality of your space matches your needs.

Terri Fischer

Founder and Owner of Consider It Done

I’ve helped clients feel comfortable and function well in their homes for over 30 years. Benefits of our working together:

As a Certified Professional Organizer, Stager, and Redesigner, I help clients transform their space into one that supports them. This could include: simplifying, downsizing, organizing, preparing a home for sale, or space planning and design.

we look forward to helping you Start Your Journey to Clutter-Free