Home Staging with Consider It Done

Are you planning to put your home on the market? Consider It Done can stage your home for the fastest sale!

Professionally staged homes sell faster and also at a higher price. Home staging is preparing your home for sale by showing your home to its best potential, with furniture arrangement, simplification, and accessories that appeal to a wide range of buyers. Consider It Done can organize your home and select just the right small details to look great and appeal to the greatest number of buyers. We maximize the appeal of your house. Call Consider It Done to schedule an appointment with our staging specialist today.

Five Secrets of Home Staging:

1. Simplification is key. A cluttered home can cause anxiety in potential buyers, and make your space look smaller than it actually is.
2. Neutral is ideal. Creating a space that is neutral is important for selling a home. We want potential buyers to imagine their own family pictures on display.
3. Furniture arrangement matters. The right furniture arrangement can maximize the function of a room, and feel more appealing.
4. Lighting should invite. Switching a couple of lights or adding a new lamp or two can make a home feel warmer and more welcoming for potential buyers.
5. Accessories enhance. Placement of key accessories give your home warmth and appeal, enhancing the appearance.

If you're looking to sell your home, don't delay. Transform your home into one that sells! Staging has been shown to be cost-effective, resulting in higher selling prices. Call Consider It Done today to schedule your home staging appointment.