Consider It Done Organizing


You’re at home waaaay more than you used to be, with the current “new normal.” Those projects that you were going to get to? Perhaps you actually have tackled a few of them. Hooray! Others may have been waiting for a “better time,” waiting and hoping that things soon will return back to the way life used to be. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, it looks like that return could be a while. 

Spending more time at home, and disorganization may be even more of an issue for you than it was pre-pandemic because you’re surrounded by clutter throughout the day. You see it, you can’t escape it, it impacts your everyday activities.

If you’ve been postponing getting started because you could really benefit from some professional input, you might consider getting that guidance virtually. Virtual Organization is similar to in-person organizing, with the difference being that your phone, tablet, or laptop is used for me to see the area(s) that are challenging to you (bonus: I don’t see any areas you’re not comfortable showing.) If you’re not yet adept at using video, we will work through the technology stepwise, until you gain confidence. I have worked with some clients in their 90’s. Working virtually is safe during the pandemic; there is no physical contact and no exposure risk.

We work together through the process, you ask as many questions as you want, and I share organizing principles and solutions. I am by your side virtually through video sharing, coaching you through the process. You make the changes you’ve been wanting, and enjoy the rewards of your newly organized space. I’ve taken a variety of trainings in working virtually with clients, and in May completed coursework as a Certified Virtual Organizer.

One benefit that I observe in working virtually with clients is that virtual clients more quickly learn organizing skills and fine-tune their habits to better maintain the organization that has been achieved. Doing the organizing builds new neural pathways. This is neuroplasticity in action; the scientific term for keeping our brains flexible and learning through the principle of use-it-or-lose-it!

Good candidates for virtual organizing are individuals who are motivated to learn and willing to complete work to achieve the changes they want. If this describes you, then Virtual Organizing may be for you! A basic familiarity with technology, a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, and a reliable internet connection are needed. If you’d like to learn more about whether organizing virtually could work in your particular situation, please call, talk about the disorganization that’s driving you (or your loved ones) nuts, and we will discuss whether working together virtually could allow you to organize the area(s) that you’ve been waiting to get to!