Consider It Done Organizing


Most moves in the northern hemisphere happen between April and September. If you’ve moved, even temporarily, such as to a vacation or seasonal home, you know the challenge of getting comfortable in a new location. All moves create, to a greater or lesser extent, a feeling of being unsettled caused by not yet knowing where essential items are or could be found.

Whether your move is permanent or temporary, pack the most essential items into an “unpack first” box or piece of luggage, so they’ll be readily available when you arrive. Toiletries, medications, and a change of clothing should be packed in a hand-carried suitcase.

Key areas to focus on for quick functionality are the kitchen, bath, and bedroom. You want to be able to clean up, to prepare a simple meal, and to get a good night’s sleep. Prioritize and unpack a bit each day. Every move is different, but with planning and daily action, the task of settling into a new place will be completed, and perhaps sooner than you expect, you’ll be feeling at home.