Consider It Done Organizing

Feeling Overwhelmed by Stuff? You’re Not Alone.

In over 25 years of organizing professionally, one common theme among clients is a feeling of being overwhelmed. People know they want greater ease and organization, but they don’t know how to begin the process. Where to start?

Focusing on too many tasks at one time feels overwhelming, and it’s hard to concentrate and get results when your attention is scattered! My recommendation: start with an area of your home where you spend time daily, and where things aren’t working as smoothly as they could. But — and this is key — keep the focus super small. For example, work on only one drawer or one shelf. You want to be able to finish in the time you’ve allocated.

By keeping the focus small you create success, and can build on that with subsequent sessions. While it’s very possible to work mini-organizing sessions (10 – 30 minutes) into your schedule regularly, if you find yourself needing to make faster progress, or want professional support and expertise, consider working with an organizing professional.

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